Educate: to draw out. Parker Palmer. Teaching as storytelling. Kieran Egan. Transformative learning. Jack Mezirow. Women's ways of knowing. Belenky et. al. Learning communities. Co-creation. Participatory paradigm. Action research. Emergent Process. Aesthetic Response.

These are some of the buzz words that resonate for me as a teacher. I love to teach as much as I love to learn. These two concepts are inseparable. I (re)turn to texts and (re)discover new knowledge. This new knowledge excites me. I engage with students and find not only new knowledge but also new ways of knowing, ways that open possibilities for new thinking and feeling.

I teach from my own and others' lived experience and from the experience we can imagine together. I teach through preparation and improv. I teach through my body, mind and soul and with the intent to engage the bodies, minds and souls of my students. I teach from a sense of desperation about the state of our planet. I teach with the sense of hope that we are able to take action and change the world. I teach because I believe, ultimately, we are capable of good.

Where I Teach:

Meridian University
Core Faculty

Guest Faculty

What I Teach:

Expressive Arts / Creative Expression