About Me

I am a woman, mother, wife. I'm heterosexual, Jewish and white. I am a teacher, psychotherapist, student, writer, actor. In my 60's, I've lived significant parts of my life in Canada, Israel and now the U.S. I like to read novels and go to movies. I love live performance. My favorite food is soup.

I try to write in my journal everyday. My latest writing for publication is a chapter for the 'Transpersonal Handbook' called Transpersonal Art: From the Chauvet Cave to Occupy Wall Street. Before that I wrote a chapter for a book called 'Anomalous Experience in a Therapeutic Context'.

The last show I was in was Vagina Monologues, a production at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. I also teach sometimes at Meridian University in Petaluma, CA and ISIS-Canada in Toronto. I was in 'American Graffiti' (Girl in Dodge) and 'Magnum Force' (my part got cut out). That was a long time ago. I still get residuals though. The rest is small theater (Louis IV in 'Tom Paine' and Marat in 'Marat-Sade' were a couple of roles) and independent little films. The film was called 'Aging' and I had the lead.

In my spare time I tend to dwell in disturbing images and search for other people of a similar bent. I always seem to look for things that don't fit into a given narrative. From everyday conversations to therapy sessions to the Holocaust. This is my Ph.D. dissertation, now a book. You can get it on Amazon.

I do my best to be in the light. I don't think the dark can be avoided. It's real and there. So what do we do? We try to find moments of beauty and love and at the same time not turn away from the painful parts. Most things I'll never understand. Mainly, I don't want to 'make meaning' in the sense of putting experience in a frame so it fits into a predetermined category. It's most interesting to question. On the other hand, sometimes it's nice to have an answer.

I like stories. I like other people's stories. I like changing stories around and mixing up the pieces. I like asking 'Why?' and 'Why?' over and over. And of course, 'Why not?' I wonder how people think - me too. I like groups of people together making art, like theater. I like the intimate relationship and trusting so I can be myselves, the parts I know and don't know. I like to help others find out about more parts of themselves too so they can help more people do the same. I think by doing this together we can take social action out there.

I want to change the world and save the planet. I believe communities searching and creating artfully is the way to do it.